The Centre’s History, People and Activities

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The Froebel Centre has existed since November 2016 and is a non-profit organization. It was founded by pedagogues who have been working professionally with Froebel’s educational methods for many years, as well as by persons interested in Froebel. Thanks to this effective combination of persons, a wide variety of activities related to Froebel could be consolidated under one organization this Centre.
The Froebel Centre acts as a first-contact site regarding all aspects of current Froebel pedagogy used by today’s educators worldwide. Its goal is to support activities which further expand a truly child-friendly pedagogy these activities contribute a contrasting form of pedagogy to the existing developments in child pedagogy.

Our breadth of support encompasses a series of activities: The Centre can support social-service organizations, specialists and parents through experience- and knowledge-based consultation in all areas of Froebel pedagogy (ex. in the creation of a concept for a child-care centre/ kindergarten):

  • through qualified and ongoing professional consultation
  • through goal-oriented beginning-level and advanced courses for adults
  • through custom-made course offerings leading to qualifications in Froebel pedagogy such as the Froebel Certificate and the Froebel Diploma.
  • through activities and papers provided by the International Froebel Society
  • through scientific research of Froebel and his pedagogical ideas and related areas
  • through networking with Froebel-related institutions
  • through the awardance of financial support funds and/or materials

  • through the support of single individuals in the form of materials oder scholarships
  • through providing practica and training in the Froebel Centre or partner institutions